Trachycarpus Wagnerianus


A new addition from Japan a fabulous architectural palm and perfect for the smaller garden. ‘Miniature’ is somewhat misleading as this relates to the stiff-leaves which even on mature tress are no more than a couple of feet across, half that of the Trachycarpus Fortunei.
It is considerably more wind tolerant than its cousins and for this reason this is perfect on more exposed sites – a must for every garden.



Trachycarpus Wagnerinanus were originally introduced into Europe from Japan early last century, but have remained in comparative obscurity until recently.  The striking characteristic about “waggies” is their small and stiff leaves, much tougher and more wind tolerant that Trachycarpus Fortunei.  The small leaves give it a jaunty and attractive look.  The trunk is fibrous and the fruits are kidney-shaped and blue-black when ripe.

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