Butia Capitata

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From Brazil, one of the hardiest feather palms, Butia will withstand -10 or -12C when larger. Beautiful blue-green leaves, strongly recurved, make it instantly recognisable. An essential palm for the exotic garden.

Tolerant of the weather in high rainfall regions. Also wonderful as a conservatory palm, or even indoors if the light is bright enough. Ultimately it can grow to about 10 or 20 feet, though this will take some years

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Butia capitata is a variable, single-trunked feather palm from South America that has proved to be reasonably tolerant of cool, wet conditions, displaying some winter hardiness, often without damage. It typically has greenish grey-blue, strongly arching leaves with their leaflets held in a pronounced V shape, giving the palm a particular grace and elegance that belies its size. The name Jelly Palm relates to the edible fruit flesh, fibrous, sweet and remiscent of apricots, that is sometimes made into a sweet jellies and jams. Some geographic populations are argued to be a different species, Butia odorata

Additional information

Common Name

Pindo Palm, Jelly Palm


In UK 4-5m


Full sun, moist, well-drained soil


to -8C or lower

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