Cycas Revoluta – Sago Palm

In the wild Cycas revoluta is restricted to a few of the islands of the Japanese archipelago but, worldwide, it is the most commonly cultivated cycad. This is due to its ease of culture and ability to withstand a wide range of conditions. In appearance it is the archetypical cycad forming, in time, a tall rough trunk and with crown of glossy deep green leaves at the top and often surrounded by offsets. Indoors it is best grown in a bright position or conservatory. The Sago Palm is also one of the few cycads worth trying outdoors in a milder garden,



Cycas revoluta, the Sago Cycad, is a cycad native to southern Japan, but is now grown worldwide. The leaves are a deep semi glossy green and about 50-150 cm long when the plants are of a reproductive age. They grow out into a feather-like rosette to 1 m in diameter. The crowded, stiff, narrow leaflets are 8-18 cm long and have strongly recurved or revolute edges.  Plant in well drained soil, do not over water, likes sun or partial shade.

Additional information

Common Name

Sago Palm


4m but slow growing


Full sun, well-drained soil

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