Cycas Revoluta – Sago Palm


In the wild Cycas revoluta is restricted to a few of the islands of the Japanese archipelago but, worldwide, it is the most commonly cultivated cycad. This is due to its ease of culture and ability to withstand a wide range of conditions. In appearance it is the archetypical cycad forming, in time, a tall rough trunk and with crown of glossy deep green leaves at the top and often surrounded by offsets. Indoors it is best grown in a bright position or conservatory. The Sago Palm is also one of the few cycads worth trying outdoors in a milder garden,



Cycas revoluta, the Sago Cycad, is a cycad native to southern Japan, but is now grown worldwide. The leaves are a deep semi glossy green and about 50-150 cm long when the plants are of a reproductive age. They grow out into a feather-like rosette to 1 m in diameter. The crowded, stiff, narrow leaflets are 8-18 cm long and have strongly recurved or revolute edges.  Plant in well drained soil, do not over water, likes sun or partial shade.


Variety of sizes – from small £17.50 to large £350

Additional information

Common Name

Sago Palm


4m but slow growing


Full sun, well-drained soil

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