Chamaerops Humilis


Chamaerops Humilis is a bushy evergreen palm making a medium-sized shrub, often stemless or multi-stemmed, with a rounded mass of fan-shaped leaves to 45cm in length. Short rigid panicles of small yellow flowers are borne on mature plants only.

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A popular Dwarf fan palm from the dry scrub and rocky or sandy region of the Mediterranean, suitable for the garden or conservatory. In the garden plant in full sun or partial shade. Chamaerops  is an outstanding plant and  perfectly suited to be grown for the pot culture where they can withstand considerable neglect. In the right setting Chamaerops have always been a focal point and a ‘must’ for the exotic garden and is highly recommended. The plants can tolerate temperature down to -12C or lower when larger and is snow and wind resistant. With time Chamaerops produces suckering shoots which will create a bushy shape.

In the conservatory it is also valuable, it can take very bright light and does not require heat in the winter


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1.5-2.5 metres / 1-1.5 metres

Common Name

Mediteranian Fan Palm

Eventual Spread

1-1.5 metres

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