Fargesia murieliae ‘Lava’


The Fargesia murieliae ‘Lava’ has bright blue-green leaves with yellow-green canes.  Grows to height of 1.5 cm Plant in well drained soil in full sun or partly shady spot.

Bamboo Information

In the twenty century Fargesia nitida and murieliae were the only two Fargesias varieties available in this country. They were perfect for small gardens, giving the touch of the oriental ambiance, clump forming, evergreen and non-invasive, suitable to be planted as a hedge, in large pots or as a specimen planted out.

Bamboo itself has a hidden nick name called ‘Century‘ plant as it due to flower once in a century, a building DNA stimulates other bamboo of same genre to flower around the world at the same period, after years of seed production most mother plant will die. In the nineteen nineties both types of Fargesia entered their flowering period at the same time this produced over the years an abundance and high excess of seedlings in their native China. To replenish the dying stock of Fargesia, collectors, Nursery men and Botanist flooded to China collecting seedlings by the thousands.

Over the years the Fargesia off spring showed a high number of variation with lots of inferior inbred plants. Twenty years on, Dutch plant breeders where able to produce artificial crosses between Fargesia and different clones of nitida to produce some extremely beautiful hybrids.

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This Fargesia is evergreen, clump-forming bushy bamboo with deep yellow-green canes and bright green, narrow foliage which is good for screening and can be grown in containers. Plant in fertile soil in a sunny or partly shady spot.

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