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Tree Ferns 

This is one of the best known and one of the hardiest tree fern from Australia. This is a pride of every garden – large, bold, ancient and beautiful. If possible avoid windy sites and protect crown in winter.


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This magnificent tree fern, Dicksonia Antarctica arrived on our shores early as the late 19th century as ballast on boats arriving from Australia and Tasmania.  They were dumped overboard as their job had been achieved. A few nurserymen rescued the tree ferns and planted them in their Cornish gardens.  The surviving plants have grown to gigantic sizes and can still to be found in places like Heligan Gardens, Cornwall.

Today Dicksonia Antarctica are imported as a log system from sizes 1 – 10 ft.  A log mean the fronds have been removed and the trunk cut to size. The trunk is a solid root system growing about 1 inch per year in its habitat but only quarter inch per year in our climate.  

Keep the trunk well water until established and feed once a month with general fertilizer.  Water regularly during the summer months. Protect the crown, first foot cover with fleece and dead leaves in the crown in winter.  

Only pot grown tree ferns in 10 litre pots at £37.50


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