Dasylirion wheeleri – Desert Spoon Sotol

A hardy and relatively fast growing dasylirion that seems to be one of the better ones for the UK.



Long-lived and low-maintenance, Desert spoon is a carefree accent for desert gardens. This tough plant is native at elevations from 3000 to 6000 feet in south-eastern Arizona, southern New Mexico, west Texas and Mexico. It grows slowly to form a dense rosette of silver-blue foliage, to 4-5 feet tall and wide. Over time, it develops a stout, short trunk. Its most common form is a rounded, single head, although sometimes multiple heads are produced. The leathery leaves have teeth along the margins, and a spoon-shaped base that gives the plant its name. Desert spoon produces a narrow, 10 to 15 foot-tall spike of small tan flowers. Dasylirion wheeleri thrives in full sun and reflected heat, and even tolerates some shade and humidity if drainage is adequate.

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