Blechnum Chilense

Blechnum Chilense is a robust evergreen fern developing into spreading colony which originates from Chile and Argentina.  The new fronds are a decorative bronze colour before turning green.  Grows well in a warm semi-shaded position in a humus rich soil. English and South American import.

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Blechnum chilense has an irresistible texture, although only simply divided, the leaflets of the pinnate leaves undulate and ripple giving rise to the common name of Seersucker Fern after the puckered fabric of the same name. Few evergreen ferns are as imposing and, when happy, will spread via underground runners in all directions, making a lush and dramatic ground cover worthy of any exotic border. The plants will display bright  red new growth, making this a must have plant even more appealing.

Additional information

Common Name

Chilean Hard Fern

Eventual Height

Approx 1-1.5 m

Eventual Spread

1.5-2.5 m


Chile and Argentina

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