• Yellow gold cranes striped randomly with green with glossy green leaves. Grows up to 6-7 m but is a tidy upright grower.  Excellent as an isolated clump or pot grown.
  • This is one of many Phyllostachys species that are superficially 'just' plain green but Phyllostachys bissetii stands out from the crowd because it excels at what it does - it is extremely hardy and tolerant. It is one of the freshest looking bamboos at winter's end - its thickly growing foliage and densely clustered canes are almost completely windproof, thereby making a perfect screening or hedging plant. Ultimately a running bamboo, Phyllostachys bissetii benefits from barrier protection although it can remain compact for some years before taking off.
  • This famous black caned bamboo is green to start turning black in its second year. Grow in sun where the canes colour quickly.

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