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    Well known and popular garden palm from northwestern Mexico, where it grows in dry rocky soils and sometimes on cliff faces. Its most distinctive characteristics is its big fan shaped silvery blue leaves.
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    From Brazil, one of the hardiest feather palms, Butia will withstand -10 or -12C when larger. Beautiful blue-green leaves, strongly recurved, make it instantly recognisable. An essential palm for the exotic garden. Tolerant of the weather in high rainfall regions. Also wonderful as a conservatory palm, or even indoors if the light is bright enough. Ultimately it can grow to about 10 or 20 feet, though this will take some years
  • Small, very decorative palm, ideal for small gardens or pots
  • Chamaerops Humilis is a bushy evergreen palm making a medium-sized shrub, often stemless or multi-stemmed, with a rounded mass of fan-shaped leaves to 45cm in length. Short rigid panicles of small yellow flowers are borne on mature plants only.
  • The hardiest Chamaerops, can withstand severe cold for prolonged periods. This beautiful slow growing silver blue Chamaerops adapts well to the UK climate.
  • A stunning form of the much loved Chamaerops humilis, with tight compact leaves borne in great numbers. Producing suckers with age. Slow growing, awesome and very rare in cultivation.
  • Cabbage plam, succulent plants cultivated for their swordlike leaves, striped in many colours.
  • In the wild Cycas revoluta is restricted to a few of the islands of the Japanese archipelago but, worldwide, it is the most commonly cultivated cycad. This is due to its ease of culture and ability to withstand a wide range of conditions. In appearance it is the archetypical cycad forming, in time, a tall rough trunk and with crown of glossy deep green leaves at the top and often surrounded by offsets. Indoors it is best grown in a bright position or conservatory. The Sago Palm is also one of the few cycads worth trying outdoors in a milder garden,
  • A beautiful palm, which can be planted in a pot or in very well drained soil in a sunny sheltered site. Protect when young. Sun, well drained soil, sheltered site
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    Phoenix is a dwarf palm with a slender trunk, occasionally clustered, bearing pinnately-divided leaves to 1m in length; panicles of small yellow flowers may be followed by small edible black fruit
  • The most popular and one of the hardiest palms for the temperate garden. Big, fan-shaped leaves atop a spectacular, hairy trunk add a bizarre and tropical touch to any planting.
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    A new addition from Japan a fabulous architectural palm and perfect for the smaller garden. ‘Miniature’ is somewhat misleading as this relates to the stiff-leaves which even on mature tress are no more than a couple of feet across, half that of the Trachycarpus Fortunei. It is considerably more wind tolerant than its cousins and for this reason this is perfect on more exposed sites – a must for every garden.

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